A Downdraft Gasifier use a large component of wood-derived biomass material to produce the best results. Other factors we monitor closely are moisture and ash content. When feedstock preparation and sizing are optimized, blending of various types of materials is easily accomplished, and can increase the economic viability of the systems. The following are examples of materials that can be processed to required sizing and used in the downdraft system.

Scrap pallets, industrial packing and casing
Industrial wood trimmings
Bark or milling waste wood
Municipal and right-of-way trimmings
Cardboard and paper
Construction and demolition wood waste
Scrap tires and industrial rubber products
Food manufacturing, processing and other biomass food waste
Biological sludge from municipal or industrial wastewater systems
Agricultural crop and animal residues

Consistent feedstock = consistent gas
Moisture content is key (< 30%)
Feedstock size: 6mm to 100mm
Ash content < 10%
Minimum bulk density: 224.26kg/m3
Low cost waste streams from other processes can greatly improve economics