Gasification technology continues to gain momentum as more customers realize financial benefits from its implementation. Whether you are aiming for better energy sustainability or reducing your carbon footprint, our patented, commercialized industrial-grade gasification systems can help you achieve a greener future. Our scalable, power-producing systems are custom-designed and built to accommodate each customer’s specific needs. In addition, we offer full management services, enabling continuous operation and maintenance on an ongoing basis.

Predictable financial returns
Hedging against future risk factors such as price increases or government regulation
Converting a variety of biomass materials to deployable green energy
Flexibility of processing as little as 30 tons/day or more than 100 tons/day of material
Eliminating landfill disposal of many types of waste materials
Reducing carbon footprint and greenhouse gases
Producing a valuable by-product with both agricultural and industrial uses

Our facilities are industrial-grade and have been proven through thousands of hours of commercial use. The synthetic fuel gas produced through the clean thermo-chemical process of gasification can be utilized like natural gas for downstream thermal or electrical applications (PHG SF8, PHG SF12, PHG LF64, Downdraft Gasifiers), or to provide energy for destruction of biosolids or biological wastes (PHG FB2000 the Fluidized Bed Gasifier).