Oceania Clean Energy Solutions goal for our client base is,

Providing them a clean and environmental solution to their waste issues resulting in power stability for our clients.

Having the ability to project manage the delivery of a suite of systems, while using our previous skills to obtain the maximum benefit for our clients in delivering them power from waste with no risk to the environment using systems which have been tried and tested and delivered and fully commercialized.

Our Technologies are best international practice in both performance as well as energy production, with the best international air quality and emissions standards.

With systems that have many 1000s of hours of operational time, we deliver the full solution for both waste and power problems while delivering clients a total turnkey approach, either in the form of joint partnerships or design and build solutions.

Oceania Clean Energy Solutions in alliance with our technology providers and partners, deliver patented gasification technologies to address different waste streams from tyres, plastics, municipal, bio-solid and industrial wastes keeping them out of our landfills.

Creating reliable base load power and other reusable products dependent upon the feed-stock, including Bio-char, Oil, Compressed Hydrogen, RNG or Renewable natural gas, TDF or Tyre derived fuel a clean alternative to coal and other recovered materials from the waste streams.

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